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Antibacterial thermo liner TO SLEEPING BAG - MERINO

+ low weight

+ increases thermal comfort by 5 ° C

+ unique design

+ pillow pocket

+ easily packable


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80.0 € 66.1 € without VAT
Product code: P4907
Warranty: 24 months
Description and parameters
Antibacterial thermo liner TO SLEEPING BAG-MERINO
80.0 €

Product description

The sleeping bag / insert made of a thin nanosilver thermo material serves, similarly to a sleeping bag, for you to relax, warm up and fall asleep comfortably. It is designed for universal use from sleeping in hostels and mountain huts to sleeping in extremely cold conditions.

In a hostel or in a cottage

It is often required to have your own sleeping bag under the bedding of the given accommodation facility, or you pay amounts in the order of hundreds of euros for the loan. The aim is to prevent skin contact with bedding and sheets so that cottagers do not have to wash it so often and prevent the spread of disease. At the time of COVID-19, this regulation was extended to cottages where it was not common. The insert does not need to be prepared in any special way. It has a slit on the side, which allows it to slide in comfortably. Under your head is a pocket similar to a pillow case, into which you really slide the pillow.

In extreme conditions

In the case of a mountain hike, where each deco counts, a jacket or other soft piece of clothing can be used in the pillow pocket. The insert was tested by our ambassador Vašek during the trip in the Alps (3557 m above sea level, at a temperature of 0-5 ° C) during the ascent to Dent Blanche (4357 m above sea level).

Unique design

Our inserts are printed with full-color photorealistic printing - the only one in the world. You will get a complete original. If you like neutral pieces, then you will find one-color inserts in the menu.





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