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BIKE socks with molecules of silver

  • determine for cyclists and bikers
  • suitable for sports boots too
  • eliminates odour
  • with antibacterial properties 
  • connection of unique materials nanosilver® and Coolmax®
  • great at conducting sweat to the upper layer of the material

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Warranty: 24 months
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BIKE socks with molecules of silver
BIKE socks with…
12.9 €

Product description

When you go travelling, don't forger a pair of nanosilver® - COOLMAX® socks

Are you travelling to distant lands? Discovering the beauties of mountains and tropical forests? Keep your feet in never ending comfort by wearing our new socks. The novel cooling technology is unbeatable even in the harshest conditions

Excellent thin BIKE socks make you feel fresh in the high and hot summer.

Popular combination of white and grey makes them fitting into any trainers.

The socks are divided into several zones with small ventillation channels, at the back of the sock decorated with the nanosilver logo.

The bike socks reach above the ankle, hence they are great as sports socks but you can use them casually too.

The unique properties of bike socks

  • restrict growth of a wide spectrum of bacteria
  • absorb sweat, kill bacteria and eliminate feet odour even after a whole day of wearing
  • prevent mycoses and eczemas and help in their treatment
  • are non-toxic and do not cause allergic reactions
  • speed up the process of healing of small wounds and cuts
  • are breathable, flexible and anatomically designed
  • thickened sole ensured durability and comfort

These socks are a "must have" for anyone whose feet sweat more than little. They can be worn daily, casually, to work or for sport.

Who are these socks suitable for?

  • They are priceless to all cyclists, runners, roller skaters, golf players, simply anyone wearing closed footware.

Just great for anyone whose feet sweat and produce unpleasant odour. Nanosilver socks and their great properties and good quality have been appreciated by many customers and you will enjoy them equally as well. For a weeks hiking tour you will not need more than two pairs of socks, or when you travel on the train or plane  you will be able to take your shoes off with confidence that they will be odourless.

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Socks with silver Sports Cycling

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Customer reviews

  • L
    Lucy 19. 04. 2021
    I can recommend socks. They are made of a very pleasant material that removes moisture from the body. It wears well, I like the height of the sock, which is something between a classic and ankle sock. Suitable for both casual wear and sports activities.
  • S
    Simona Berger 16. 05. 2017

    my name´s Simona and I´m form Germany.
    I bought Ankle socks last month and I´m extited.
    I can wear it all day and it doesn´t smell.
    I recommend
  • S
    Sascha 16. 05. 2017

    Hello nanosilver team.
    Your bike socks are great. I tested your socks during 3 days trip from Dresden to Praque by bike without any unpleasent smell.
    Thank you very much.
    Hello, Sascha

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