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Face mask FFP3 with silver ANTI-COVID19

FFP3 nanofiber respirator with CE certification

- nose clips for better sealing

- an ideal barrier for viruses and bacteria

- with proper handling, you can safely use one respirator for 1-2 weeks

- can be used repeatedly after an appropriate quarantine period

- perfectly protects you and your surroundings (valveless technology)

- perfectly breathable (240 cm2), comfortable, weight only 16 g

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Product code: P4815
Warranty: 24 months
Description and parameters
Face mask FFP3 with silver ANTI-COVID19
Face mask FFP3 with…
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Product description

The FFP3 respirator has a nanofiber filter, which forms an ideal barrier for viruses and bacteria. The nanofiber filter ensures 99% capture of solid particles.

The highest filtration class FFP3 is originally intended against dust particles and pollen.

It is not intended for virus-sized particles, but this respirator also protects against them thanks to a dense network of nanofibers.

Nanofiber reusable respirator with a certificate from the Research Institute of Occupational Safety according to the European standard EN 149: 2001 + A1: 2009. The respirator corresponds to protection class FFP3 - capture of at least 99% solid (average particle size 0.6 μm) or liquid (average particle size 0.4 μm) particles in the air.

Improved nanofiber filtration technology NnF MBRANE BreaSAFE®

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