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Face mask FFP3 with silver ANTI-COVID19

Face mask FFP3 with silver ANTI-COVID19
Face mask FFP3 with silver ANTI-COVID19

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Product description

FFP3 nanofiber respirator with CE certification

- nose clips for better sealing

- an ideal barrier for viruses and bacteria

- with proper handling, you can safely use one respirator for 1-2 weeks

- can be used repeatedly after an appropriate quarantine period

- perfectly protects you and your surroundings (valveless technology)

- perfectly breathable (240 cm2), comfortable, weight only 16 g

The FFP3 respirator has a nanofiber filter, which forms an ideal barrier for viruses and bacteria. The nanofiber filter ensures 99% capture of solid particles.

The highest filtration class FFP3 is originally intended against dust particles and pollen.

It is not intended for virus-sized particles, but this respirator also protects against them thanks to a dense network of nanofibers.

Nanofiber reusable respirator with a certificate from the Research Institute of Occupational Safety according to the European standard EN 149: 2001 + A1: 2009. The respirator corresponds to protection class FFP3 - capture of at least 99% solid (average particle size 0.6 μm) or liquid (average particle size 0.4 μm) particles in the air.

Improved nanofiber filtration technology NnF MBRANE BreaSAFE®


membrane made of non-woven PP fabric

PA6 polymer nanofiber filter layer




When wearing, make sure that it is correctly fitted and sealed.

The manufacturer recommends: In order for the respirator to last you 1-2 weeks, it is necessary to take care of it properly. Take care to preserve its properties at all times. It serves for your protection. Nanomembrane containing active silver does not lose the ability to kill microorganisms over time.

The respirator can be sterilized or disinfected due to the possibility of contamination resulting from handling the respirator

Treat the respirator with a spray disinfectant after each use (ideally based on alcohol or isopropyl alcohol) Heat in a hot air sterilizer or autoclave at a maximum temperature of 70 ° C for 30 minutes

By placing in a secure container for quarantine for 2 days

We do not recommend using: Hydrogen peroxide based preparations

                                             Sterilization with UV lamp or ozone

                                             Sterilization in a microwave or any other oven.

There is a risk of damage and fire Inserting moist respirators into an autoclave or hot air sterilizer

Do not use the respirator if: Harmful particles entered the respirator and contamination, odor, or other signs of respirator penetration were detected. There was a significant increase in respiratory resistance


Please note that the product cannot be returned or exchanged! No adhesives are used in the product

Size chart

- internal dimension of the respirator: 12.5 cm in the widest part, 14 cm in height from the root of the nose to the lower edge - size of the filter area 240 cm2

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