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Face mask SpurTex® V100 FFP2 - 5 pcs

Face mask SpurTex® V100 FFP2 - 5 pcs

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Product description

  • unique nanostructured filtration material
  • filtration of viruses and bacteria (particles 80-400 nm)
  • filtration efficiency 98,5%
  • freely breathable
  • low pressure resistance
  • convex construction without exhalation valve
  • CE certification

Price is without VAT (from 3.2. till 3.6.2021 according the decission of MF of the Czech Republic)

Single-use respirator classified as FFP2 NR (according to 2016/425/EU & EN 149:2001+A1:2009) made of unique nano structured filtration material SpurTex PP provides effective and active protection of human respiratory system especially in the capture of ultra fine particles in size from 20 to 400 nm.

Construction is convex type without exhalation valve.

Very comfortable, breathable and The pair of elastic loops and a thin nose metal clip ensure that the respirator is fixed on face perfectly and comfortably fits on the nose. 

The pair of elastic loops and a thin nose metal clip ensure that the respirator is fixed on face perfectly and comfortably fits on the nose.


5-plySpurTexPP filtration material

nanofiber filter from PVDF polymer



Producer has no liability (responsibility), either directly or indirectly, for any damages caused by incorrect application or use of respirator SpurTex®V100 FFP2 NR.

Respirator as well as its package must be visually checked before use. In case of any damage, do not use.

Respirator SpurTexV100 FFP2 NR must cover nose and mouth. Its fixation is ensured by two elastic ear loops and thin metal clip on the top of the mask which must be shaped by fingers around nose ridge.

Respirator SpurTexV100 FFP2 NR provides no protection against gases. Oxygen amount in the environment where respirator is used must be at least17%

Standard use of respirator is limited on one shift (8 hours) only.

Washing or ironing the Respirator SpurTexV100 FFP2 NR is not recommended.

It is necessary to wear the Respirator SpurTexV100 FFP2 NR on smooth (i.e. shaven) face only. Beards prevent from flawless fixation on face and thus significantly decrease filtration efficiency.

Producer does not guarantee listed filtration properties of the Respirator SpurTexV100 FFP2 NR which is mechanically damaged (e.g. during transport or manipulation).

Respirator SpurTex® V100 FFP2 NR made of SpurTex® PP filtration membrane is classified as single-use product. The recommended usage is for medium levels of fine dust particles and water-or oil-based aerosols which usually occur at work with plasterboard, cement, at grinding, and work with wood sawdust.

However, due to its unique filtration properties of ultrafine particles (20–400 nm), it is possible to use it also in microbiologically contaminated environment (bacteria/viruses). Nevertheless, in this case, its filtration properties are kept up for very limited time only, based on the contamination level. In such environment, significant number of dangerous microorganisms can be concentrated on the nanofiber filter and thus, it is necessary to change it frequently. Nanofiber filtration structure has no antibacterial or antivirus treatment.

Size chart

Product has only one size.

max. dimensions: 115-165 mm, thickness. 2-4 mm, weight 5,8-6,8 g

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