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Magic Tie

  • treated with nano protection
  • resistant to stains and spots
  • beverages and food simply won't stick
  • impurity could be washed away by water

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29.9 € 24.7 € without VAT
Product code: P2169
Warranty: 24 months

Product description

Our MAGIC NECKTIE is treated with revolution technology which guarantee its longtime functional protection against wide spectrum of impurity.

This magical necktie nanosilver® is the original product how to be number one.

The magic of this tie lies in the highly resistance against impurity so the social faux pas due to drinking and eating is absolutely impossible. Liquid and other dirts simply run down and you can remain still immaculately clean.

With magic tie you can enjoy drinking and eating without stress and even with entertainment now.

We offer new-fashioned models of ties, in narrow and wide design.


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Customer reviews

  • P
    Pavel T. 100% 15. 05. 2018
    I poured the nano tie with both water and coffee, which, despite my efforts, remained clean. All lovers of Italian cuisine will surely appreciate this tie. My wife always knows, according to the dirty tie, that I ate in an Italian restaurant. Now it stay clean :-)

  • M
    Michael 16. 05. 2017

    Dear nanosilver team, I recieved your Magic tie as a gift from my girlfriend. I stared at it for a while but than i did some tests with it. I must confirm what a great toy it is! I am really happy with this "toy", congratulation to your effort! I only know that you are Czech producer so let me express my warm admiration to your functional products.

    I stay your big fan and looking forward to your next products.

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