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Man's T-shirt nanosilver CLASSIC

  • Silver-infused fabric eliminates sweat odor effectively

  • Breathable, light and flexible material

  • Reduces acne and skin irritation

  • Keeps you dry and comfortable all day long

  • 24-month guarantee

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28.9 € 23.9 € without VAT
Product code: 106
Warranty: 24 months

Product description

Comfortable Nanosilver CLASSIC Men's T-Shirt with short sleeves and round collars.

You'll love this short sleeved tee all year round, whilst sporting, trekking, as a baselayer in the winter or just a casual top for daily use to work or at home. 

The t-shirt has been designed as tight fitting to make the most of its unique properties. If you prefer looser t-shirts, do select a size larger.

What makes nanosilver T-shirts stand out?

  • Nanosilver T-shirts prevent mycoses, eczemas and help in their treatment
  • Conduct sweat very well, kill bacteria and molds
  • Absorb moisture, are breathable, light and flexible
  • Speed up healing of small cuts and wounds, prevent chafing
  • Wash them as normal underwear or t-shirts( recommended 30-40°C)
  • Fibers with active silver keep their antibacterial properties for their lifetime. 

Packaging suitable as a gift box.

The product is included in categories

T-shirts Men´s Short sleeve Fitness Administration/Management Healthcare Work clothes

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Customer reviews

  • Customer support 22. 05. 2019
    Dear Jan, many thanks for your warm describing of benefits of our products. We hope you be our long term fan.

    nanosilver team
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  • J
    Jan 15. 05. 2019
    Nanosilver clothing was used and tested on equator level in South America. The goal was to test its performance during a assembly mounting process on kosmodrom Kourou in French Guayana. Employees of MCE Slany company are stationed there to assemble components of the new european project Ariane 6 launching pad in high temperatures, high humidity and heavy rain. Therefore, a good clothing is essential.
    1. nanosilver coolmax is a perfect match for high demanding environment of the rainforest.
    2. nanosilver classic is - by my opinion - suitable as a basic layer under the workclothes. As there is a long-sleeve policy, it is great to have a good body-thermal management in place. Same applies for the socks.
    I intentionally tested its antibacterial properties by wearing it several days in a row… Well, it didn’t smell so I didn’t feel bad nor make a bad impression on anyone.
    You have my recommendations. Bravo, Czech-fellas!
  • V
    Vaclav 100% 06. 04. 2018
    Hi nanosilver, great shirt to any accasion!
    Classic series T-shirts are the best basic layer, i.e. under jerseys in string and autumn for outdoors sports
    Variety of standard colors perfect fit to other fashion clothes

    + simple basic T-shirt allowing lot of fashion combinations
    + elastic and cotton material fits all bodies

    Slightly higher sweating does not matter as the silver in the T-shirt reduces the odour
  • Customer support 20. 07. 2017
    Hello, yes, we very often realize a special size for our clients (customized). 5XL is our maximal experiency till now. Please choose exact product number or name, check the size table and send us:
    - measured dimensions according size table (details are here:
    - t-shirt type, better is link to product and colour
    - quantity according type and colour
    - full contact (name, surname, address including ZIP, phone number ...)
    - we send you pro-forma invoice. After payment we produce size according your wish and send you by post.

    If you need some other details, please contact us at


    nanosilver team
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  • B
    Bryson 30. 06. 2017
    Hello nanosilver technology company can you make some plain white and plain black in sizes of 5XL plus thank you and hope to see them instore for all clothing God jesus holy spirit bless ? ? ?

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