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Man's T-shirt nanosilver CLASSIC - long sleeve

  • slim fit
  • long sleeved gents' t-shirt
  • comfortable, flexible, suitable as baselayer
  • antibacterial effects
  • prevents unpleasant odour

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29.9 € 24.7 € without VAT
Product code: 107
Warranty: 24 months

Product description

Comfortable gents' t-shirt from the collection CLASSIC with long sleeves and round collars

The t-shirt has been designed as tight fitting to make the most of its unique properties. If you prefer looser t-shirts, do select a size larger.

You'll love this long sleeved tee all year round, whilst sporting, trekking, as a baselayer in the winter or just a casual top for daily use to work or at home. 

What makes nanosilver T-shirts stand out?

  • Nanosilver T-shirts prevent mycoses, eczemas and help in their treatment
  • Conduct sweat very well, kill bacteria and moulds
  • Absorb moisture, are breathable, light and flexible
  • Speed up healing of small cuts and wounds, prevent chafing
  • Wash them as normal underwear or t-shirts( recommended 30-40°C)
  • Keep their antibacterial properties for their lifetime. 

Packaging suitable as a gift box.

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T-shirts Men´s Long sleeve Army Hiking/Mountaineering Motorsport Running Administration/Management Work clothes

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Customer reviews

  • p
    peter 16. 05. 2017
    Hello, I have worn clothing nanosilver for a long time. I´m very satisfied because it is functional and very comfortable. I´ll buy more and more. :-)
    Hi, Peter

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