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Man's T-shirt nanosilver coolmax DAKAR

  • cooling effect due to unique composition
  • drains sweat away
  • prevents proliferation of bacteria and moulds
  • eliminates odour caused by excessive sweating
  • suitable as a base layer

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Product code: P2413
Warranty: 24 months

Product description

Nanosilver® + COOLMAX® - DAKAR  T-shirts are comfortable and high performance modern garments with unparalelled cooling and antibacterial effects.

These T-shirts  are a good complement to boxer briefs from the DAKAR collection of base layer garments.

BOX: Every garment is very specific regarding the declared size and actual dimensions. If you want to select the best size for you, measure out one of your favourite T-shirts and compare with the table provided

DAKAR T-shirts

  • are suitable for any activity
  • Particularly effective for strenuous exercise even in the harshest conditions during excessive sweating. maintain comfort.
  • Remain without odour even after prolonged use of several days for your confidence and happiness. made with certified yarn Coolmax®
  • all items from DAKAR collection have been successfully tested at expedition DAKAR 2011
  • suitable as a Base Layer

How does it work?

The Coolmax fibre is very effective at conducting sweat away from the body without getting soaking wet.The moisture is wicked to the surface where it rapidly evaporates, keeping the underlying skin dry. The fabric is soft, light and breathable keeping you fresh all day long.

Nanosilver® yarn the second component of the garment prevents growth of bacteria and the resulting unpleasant odour. Silver has been proven effective against bacteria and moulds(eg. Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Chlamidia trachomatis, Candida albicans) and remains active for the lifetime of the garment. It does not release into the environment. These unique vest is suitable for daily use, whether you are at work, enjoying free time or vigorously exercising. It will respond to your needs in harsh conditions or when travelling for a long time- on a plane, by car etc. for the sake of your comfort.

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T-shirts Men´s Short sleeve With printing

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Customer reviews

  • V
    Venca 100% 06. 04. 2018
    Summer material (cooling) Dakar combined in a very smart way with the print
    I can wear a comfortable T-shirt but people think I wear a short sleeve shirt (easy life in the office)
    Provides comfort during the hottest days
    + doesn't make wrinkles - no ironing needed (big win)
    + dries out very quickly
    + lightweight
    + very high comfort

    Tip for "secret weapon" of an office man

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