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Man's thermal underpants 3/4 pants nanosilver Camouflage

  • unique composition nanosilver®+Thermocool®
  • long johns
  • performance clothing for exercise
  • baselayer
  • prevents growth of bacteria 

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Gents' thermal underwear 3/4 long johns from the new collection Thermo®Cool™ nanosilver® HIMALAYAS are a great modern garment with unique properties. They waist band is wide and flexible and will fit any body. 

We recommend using these performance bottoms with nanosilver® thermal socks. These long johns are suited for winter sports such as skiing, but will ensure maximum satisfaction on any cold day.

Gents' long johns were successfully tested in the harshest conditions on the sixth highest mountain of the world Cho Oyu ( 8.201m)

You can read the whole report from the expedition on: "Putting Nanoproducts into test". 

weight: 130 g/m2

Gents' thermal underwear 3/4 long johns Thermo®Cool™ nanosilver® HIMALAYAS 

  • antibacterial to prevent growth of bacteria and emergence of unpleasant odour
  • Conducts sweat away from the skin into the top layer, where it transpires, thus keeping you warm and dry
  • Will keep up with your body's requirements at cold conditions even well below -20°C.
  • The honeycomb texture allows for the light weight of the garment, its flexibility- acts as an extra layer of your skin

Thanks to nanosilver® fibre even after wearing for several days, the garment will not smell. Thermal underwear Thermo®Cool™ nanosilver® HIMALAYAS will keep you odourless which you and surrounding people willl appreciate. 


THERMA UNDERWEAR from the Thermo®Cool™ nanosilver® HIMALAYAS collection is treated like any other synthetic fibre baselayer garment. Wash at 40°C, do not iron or use any agressive chemical agents. The symbols are shown on the tab sown to every garment. 

Compared to normal garments DO NOT USE fibre conditioner as it forms a thin layer between the fibre and skin which prevents the action of silver nanoparticles. If you however accidentally use it, don't worry, it will wash out next time. 

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