We are a Czech brand of functional clothing with silver, using nanotechnology for your comfort and health protection

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Man´s T-shirt nanosilver ACTIVE

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Product description

  • very comfortable and flexible material
  • modern design
  • encircling the silhouette of the body
  • antibacterial, anti-odor
  • suitable for sports and all activities where you want to be guaranteed perfect comfort
  • colors: dark blue, light blue, black / green



90% Polyester Coolmax all season fresh

10% elastane (Lycra)

Silver molecules are firmly attached to the polyester fibers. Silver is known for its antibacterial effects - it eliminates bacteria formed in sweat, which are a source of odor. Once the material dries, it does not stink. However, this process is not endless. After the first use, the odor is suppressed, after repeated use, abrasion may appear. Therefore, it is necessary to wash these materials as well.

Lycra® - flexibility It gives the material greater flexibility and elasticity. The extensibility of the fibers is up to eight times th

Take care of your nanosilver garments

Wash at 40oC, do not iron or use any chemical agents to clean. You can find all the information on the packaging.

Use of fibre conditioner is not recommended. It forms a thin film around the fibre and prevents direct contact of the silver nanoparticles and skin which is essential for the effect. If you accidentally use the conditioner, don't worry, it will go with the following wash restoring the antibacterial effect. 

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