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Men's Boxer briefs nanosilver CLASSIC

  • attractive Retro design
  • very soft and modern material
  • great for exercise and normal daily use
  • antibacterial
  • GREY

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23.9 € 19.8 € without VAT
Product code: P1819
Warranty: 24 months
Description and parameters
briefs nanosilver CLASSIC various colours
Men's Boxer briefs…
23.9 €

Product description

Experience the luxury and comfort that nanosilver boxer briefs provide. Cutting edge technology at affordable price.

The fibre contains elastane, hence the boxers don't stretch over time and are flexible.

Precise manufacturing and soft textured material ensure highest comfort and satisfaction.

The unique properties of antibacterial boxer briefs

  • Nanosilver clohes prevent mycoses, eczemas and help in their treatment
  • Drains sweat very well, kill bacteria and moulds
  • Absorb moisture, are breathable, light and flexible
  • Speed up healing of small cuts and wounds, prevent chafing
  • Wash them as normal underwear or t-shirts( recommended 30-40°C)
  • Keep their antibacterial properties for their lifetime.

Packaging suitable as a gift box.

Boxer briefs composition

  • 60% cotton
  • 32% polyester+silver
  • 8% elastane

Nanosilver® underwear is made of cotton with addition of polyester synthetic fibre with silver molecules and elastane. Silver is a safe yet strong antibacterial & antimycotic agent. Molecules of silver (measure 1-100 nm) kills a wide spectrum of bacteria including but not restricted to  Escherichia coli,  Chlamydia trachomatis, Providencia stuartii, Vibrio vulnificus, Pneumobacillus, Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans.

Taking care of your nanosilver garments

Wash at 40oC, do not iron or use any chemical agents to clean. You can find all the information on the packaging.

Use of fibre conditioner is not recommended. It forms a thin film around the fibre and prevents direct contact of the silver nanoparticles and skin which is essential for the effect. If you accidentally use the conditioner, don't worry, it will go with the following wash restoring the antibacterial effect.

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