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Nanofiber three-ply face mask made of filter with silver 3PLY FILTER nanosilver® - 5 pcs in a package

Nanofiber three-ply face mask made of filter with silver 3PLY FILTER nanosilver® - 5 pcs in a package

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Product description

- classic face mask made of non-classical material

- sewn face mask is made of 3PLY FILTER nanosilver material, which proved to be 92% effective during the laboratory testing, filtrating the particles of size 80-150 nm ( viruses particles size)

- it can be used repeatedly (we recommend about 3-5x)

- it can be boiled at 80C for 20 minutes

- cannot be used if the inner nanofiber layer is damaged or broken

- 5 pcs in a package


Nanofiber three-ply face mask made of filter with silver 3PLY FILTER nanosilver®

without chemicals, adhesives and glues. Thin layer of nanofiber textile with firmly fixed molecules of colloidal silver is laminated between two layers of support and cover layer, specially developed for this application. Filters viruses and bacteria with efficiency of 92%

The construction of the face mask is similar to the folded medical mouthpiece, it is sewn from nanofiber material, which is gentle on the face and does not cause unpleasant reactions or itch. Rubber laces are sewn in the corners, and so could be tied behind the head or, when shortened, laces can be tied behind the ears, as it is more comfortable for some.


Functional nanotextile is made by endless fibre with the diameter 200 - 600 nm made by electro-spinning method with its basis weight of 3 g / m2. Cover layer has basis weight of 35 g / m2, overall basis weight of this membrane is 73 g / m2.

Size of SARS-CoV-2 virus particles is between 80-150 nm. The penetration of particles of this size through the filter material is around 8%, which confirms the filtration efficiency of 92%. The test was performed at a permeable speed of 10.7 cm / s.


Filter maintenance


Due to hygienic reasons, the 3PLY FILTER NANOSILVER® is designated for single use, meaning not to use multiple times before washing and heat treatment.. Its protective efficiency decreases with the quantity of filtered air; estimated time of maximum protection is 4 to 6 hours a day, with maximum lifetime of 3 to 5 days while following our recommendations. During work and sports activities the quantity of filtered air increases, thus reducing the filter lifetime. After the short-term use in the place with a higher rate of nearby persons (shopping, walks, etc. within the 1- to 2-hour time range) the reuse of the filter, due to its possible contamination by other persons, is ONLY recommended AFTER appropriate washing and heat treatment.


Remove the used face mask / neckerchief with the pocket for nanofilters with protective gloves or a microtene bag over your hands. Pull out the filter and insert it safely and carefully into the plastic bag marked as used filters. To maintain its functionality, it is necessary to keep an inner nanolayer intact! This can be easily checked by looking against the light, if the nanofiber layer is obviously broken, discard the filter.

Filter can be washed on 80°C for 15 minutes. Do not fold the filters during heat treatment, they must stay flat! Do not boil the filter above 80°C. Non-woven viscose material becomes brittle and breakable. We do not recommend heating the filters in a microwave, hot air or oven! 

A detailed description of features and maintenance is included with the product.

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