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Neckerchief with silver with pocket for nanofiber filter (incl. 2 filters), antibacterial and antiviral


  • set includes a neckerchief + 2 pieces of three-layer filter
  • active silver neckerchief with filter pocket
  • contains silver molecules that prevent the growth of bacteria
  • absorbs sweat well
  • flexible
  • protects from UV rays
  • color according to the current offer
  • neckerchief size: width 23cm / length 22cm


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Product description

The antibacterial neckerchief with silver has a sewn-in pocket into which a nanofiber virus filter is inserted. The set includes a neckerchief + 2 pieces of three-layer filter.

  • good absorption capacity, breathability and flexibility of the material
  • antibacterial - silver destroys bacteria that multiply in moisture
  • designed for all daily activities, suitable for sports and leisure
  • the effect of silver lasts for the entire life of the product

Nanofiber three-ply filter with silver 3PLY FILTER nanosilver®

- it can be used repeatedly (we recommend about 3-5x)

- it can be boiled at 80° C for 15 minutes

- cannot be used if the inner nanofiber layer is damaged or broken

- 2pcs in a package


Nanofiber 3PLY FILTER nanosilver®

without chemicals, adhesives and glues. Thin layer of nanofiber textile with firmly fixed molecules of colloidal silver is laminated between two layers of support and cover layer, specially developed for this application. Filters viruses and bacteria with efficiency of 92%. 

Filter construction consist of three-ply textile material, support and cover layers of non-woven PES viscosis and inner layer made of Polyamid 6 nanotextile with firmly fixed molecules of silver.

Functional nanotextile is made by endless fibre with the diameter 200 - 600 nm made by electro-spinning method with its basis weight of 3 g / m2. Cover layer has basis weight of 35 g / m2, overall basis weight of this membrane is 73 g / m2.

Size of SARS-CoV-2 virus particles are between 80-150 nm. The penetration of particles of this size through the filter material is around 8%, which confirms the filtration efficiency of 92%. The test was performed at a permeable speed of 10.7 cm / s.

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