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SPECIAL HIGH MOTO socks with molecules of silver

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Product description

  • suitable for bikers and motocross riders
  • perfectly absorbs sweat through functional Coolmax fibers
  • eliminates odour due to the silver content in fiber, which is firmly held and therefore it cannot be washed out and antibacterial function is maintained throughout the life

Suitable for motorcyclists and for motocross riders, for sport or in demanding conditions

Properties of MOTO socks   - Silver has wide spectrum antimicrobial effects - Absorb sweat, silver destroys bacteria and eliminates foot odor even after all.day          wearing - Silver is used to prevent mold, fungal infections and eczema and helps to remove them - Silver improves blood circulation in the legs and thus has a positive effect on blood    circulation disorders - Socks are  breathable, flexible and provide a pleasant feeling because the shape and reinforced   sock foot allow long-term wearing comfort  

Who is the MOTO nanosilver socks for? They are the basis for all bikers and motocross riders but also sportsmen and salvation for fishermen or farmers (we all can imagine what it is like to wear wellies large part of the day).   Whether you solve a problem of how to remove the excessive sweating of your feet, you will appreciate nanosilver socks, their high quality and highly functional features in every case. For weekly rides you will not have to take more than two pairs of socks.


  • 56% polyester (Coolmax®)
  • 11% polyester (antibacterial fiber nanosilver®)
  • 30% polyamide
  • 3% elastane (Lycra®

Fibre Coolmax® - cooling

Profiled fibres drain moisture and sweat away on larger surface of material from where it evaporates faster. Socks dry more quickly and are able to make better thermal exchange what is perfect to support pulse and improve physical exercise.

nanosilver® - antibacterial

Silver molecules are firmly kept in polyester. Silver is well-known for its antibacterial efficiency – can eliminate bacteria which are in sweat and are odour-producer. As soon as the socks dry, they do not smell. This process is not never-ending. After first several uses the odour is suppressed, later it can be uncovered. It is important to dry these products either. Odour intensity is incomparably lower.

polyamide - firmness and hardiness                                               

There are perfect qualities of polyamide like high firmness in wet or dry conditions, high hardiness of abrasion, high elasticity, low specific weight, big specific volume, easy treating (washing, drying etc.).  It is mainly used to make stockings and sport clothes. Every washing increases durability of woven and knitted fabrics from polyamide. Symptoms of hypersensitivity of skin during wearing are not caused by polyamide fibres but dyes, detergent residues and so on.

Lycra® - elasticity and amenability                                                        

It improves material elasticity. Extensibility of these fibres can be eightfold of length.




Material nanosilver® do not need any special treatment. It is the same as normal functional clothes.

Maintenance of summer trekking socks with molecules of silver 

We recommend washing at 40 degrees.

Laundry bleaching
We do not recommend bleaching.

We do not recommend ironing.

Chemical treatment
Do not use chemical treatment.

We recommend drying under 60 °C.

Do not use fabric conditioner

We don´t recommend using the fabric conditioner to save the functionality of nanosilver® technology. The fabric conditioner creates the coat which makes a barrier between the skin and the material. To have the perfect efficiency of these clothes, it is important the molecules of silver to be in touch with the skin.

In case you treat these clothes with fabric conditioner, wash it again in water to recover the functionality.

Aggressive components of sweat, deodorants and sunscreen may possibly have negative reactions and damages to nanosilver clothing material.
E.g. Deodorants containing DEET may dissolve synthetic fibers, including PES.

Size chart

Size chart - socks

How to choose the correct size of the socks?

  1. Measure your socks normal and outstretched.
  2. According to this measure, find out the size in the chart.

Size chart - socks

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Paul 18.08.2021

The socks are excellent, even after wearing them all day in closed shoes, my feet were dry and odorless. I can only recommend.

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