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Sports bottle nanosilver

  • 0.7 liters
  • WHITE, GRAY color
  • designed for everyday use
  • destroys bacteria and fungi on the inner surface
  • is stable, odorless and plastic
  • all bottles have health attestations for contact with food
    (certified by the certificate No. 472107187 dated March 18, 2014)
  • Czech product
  • The bottles have a "open / close" closure system, a so-called lockable plug against accidental opening
  • are packed separately in hygienic foil

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9.6 € 7.9 € without VAT
Product code: P2764
Warranty: 24 months

Product description

Are you into sports but bored about the perfect rinse-up of your sports bottle? Do you care about the health of you and your children and wish to eat and drink healthier and have regular drinking regime during the all day activities? Do you know the situation when the bottle does not really seems good when washed?

Bottle odor is caused by bacteria and molds, which are very rapidly breeding in the beverage, especially in hot days, and even when the dishwasher is well washed, the bottle becomes defected.

What is a sports bottle - nanosilver® and how does it work?

The bottle - nanosilver® is a unique beverage bottle which, thanks to the newly used material, prevents the formation and settling of molds and bacteria on the bottle walls and does not affect the quality of beverages.

The bottle - nanosilver® is suitable for all beverages, including carbonated and tolerant temperatures up to 80 ° C.


The production of this bottle is absolutely harmless, does not endanger the health or the environment. The product has been tested and meets the health requirements under applicable legislation.


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Customer reviews

  • G
    George 100% 04. 05. 2021
    Perfect bottle! It´s my friend for every day. Good seals. No drop of water can get out. Nice colours

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