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Sports thermo socks COOL

  • thermo socks with nanoparticles of silver
  • soft sole of the foot
  • suitable for a multtitude of sports
  • effective at drawing sweat away from the skin
  • kill bacteria, eliminate odour

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Sports thermo socks COOL
Sports thermo socks…
12.0 €

Product description

Sports thermo socks with silver nanoparticles

Suitable for all kinds of sports (also for motorcyclists).

Silver conducts sweat away, prevents odour.

Silver destroys unwanted bacteria.

Black colour, sign Nanosilver on calf.

Unrolled, NEW DESIGN with a looser comfortable hem.

Now also available in size XL (47-49).

Higher hem cannot be rolled up, there is not double-knitting. Thanks to simple (not double-knitting), the hem much softer, it is not tight.

Great for sports sneakers or work boots but also for motorcyclists.

Suitable for everyday use in demanding conditions.


Sports socks characteristics

Silver has wide spectrum antimicrobial effects,

Absorb sweat, silver destroys bacteria and eliminates foot odour even after all-day wearing,

Silver is used to prevent mould, fungal infections and eczema and helps to remove them,

Silver improves blood circulation in the legs and thus has a positive effect on blood circulation disorders,

Socks are  breathable, flexible and provide a pleasant feeling because the shape and reinforced ,

Sock foot allow long-term wearing comfort,

In the toe part there is a thermo fibre Thermocool which increases heat comfort.

Organic cotton is not changed by chemical products, the fibres are not damaged and thus more resistant to mechanical stress during wear and washing,

As a part of the professional, social and managerial wear of the new generation these socks are a necessity for anyone whose legs produce more than a little sweat. These socks are ideal for everyday wear and for wearing in harsh conditions.

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Socks with silver Sports Work Skiing Administration/Management Work clothes

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