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Summer trekking socks with molecules of silver

  • suitable for bikers and motocross riders
  • perfectly absorbs sweat through functional Coolmax fibers
  • eliminates odour due to the silver content in fiber, which is firmly held and therefore it cannot be washed out and antibacterial function is maintained throughout the life

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Warranty: 24 months
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Summer trekking socks with molecules of silver
Summer trekking…
19.9 €

Product description

Suitable for motorcyclists and for motocross riders, for sport or in demanding conditions

Properties of Summer trekking socks
- Silver has wide spectrum antimicrobial effects
- Absorb sweat, silver destroys bacteria and eliminates foot odor even after          wearing
- Silver is used to prevent mold, fungal infections and eczema and helps to remove them
- Silver improves blood circulation in the legs and thus has a positive effect on blood    circulation disorders
- Socks are  breathable, flexible and provide a pleasant feeling because the shape and reinforced 
 sock foot allow long-term wearing comfort
Who is the Summer trekking nanosilver socks for?
They are the basis for all bikers and motocross riders but also sportsmen and salvation for fishermen or farmers (we all can imagine what it is like to wear wellies large part of the day).
Whether you solve a problem of how to remove the excessive sweating of your feet, you will appreciate nanosilver socks, their high quality and highly functional features in every case. For weekly rides you will not have to take more than two pairs of socks.

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Socks with silver Sports Hiking/Mountaineering

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