We are a Czech brand of functional clothing with silver, using nanotechnology for your comfort and health protection

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Short sleeve

Unisex cycling jersey nanosilver BIKE

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Product description

  • cycling jersey made of functional material
  • in an impressive design
  • stand-up collar
  • spiral zip fastening
  • divided pocket on the back - middle zip pocket with reflective element
  • silicone tape in the length of the jersey
  • reflective elements for greater safety on the roads
  • material Coolmax wicks sweat away from the body
  • the silver in the material destroys bacteria, fungi and eliminates odors
  • light material
  • suitable for women and men - unisex cut
  • dark and light variant

Functional and very comfortable jersey made from nanosilver® material in combination with cooling yarn Coolmax.

  • ideal for long cycle trips due to comfortable design
  • great reflexive colours for safe movement on the road
  • due to content of silver it eliminates odour even durin heavy physical exertion
  • silver kills bacterias, prevents the decomposition of sweat
  • Coolmax conduts sweat to upper layer

BOX: Every garment is very specific regarding the declared size and actual dimensions. If you want to select the best size for you, measure out one of your favourite T-shirts and compare with the table provided

DAKAR T-shirts

  • are suitable for any activity
  • Particularly effective for strenuous exercise even in the harshest conditions during excessive sweating. maintain comfort.
  • Remain without odour even after prolonged use of several days for your confidence and happiness. made with certified yarn Coolmax®
  • suitable as a Base Layer

How does it work?

The Coolmax fibre is very effective at conducting sweat away from the body without getting soaking wet.The moisture is wicked to the surface where it rapidly evaporates, keeping the underlying skin dry. The fabric is soft, light and breathable keeping you fresh all day long.

Nanosilver® yarn the second component of the garment prevents growth of bacteria and the resulting unpleasant odour. Silver has been proven effective against bacteria and moulds(eg.Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Chlamidia trachomatis, Candida albicans) and remains active for the lifetime of the garment. It does not release into the environment. These unique vest is suitable for daily use, whether you are at work, enjoying free time or vigorously exercising. It will respond to your needs in harsh conditions or when travelling for a long time- on a plane, by car etc. for the sake of your comfort.



  • 52% polyester (COOLMAX®)
  • 48% polyester (antibacterial fiber nanosilver®

fiber COOLMAX® - cooling
Profiled fibres drain moisture and sweat away on larger surface of material from where it evaporates faster. Socks dry more quickly and are able to make better thermal exchange what is perfect to support pulse and improve physical exercise.

nanosilver® - antibacterial
Silver molecules are firmly kept in polyester. Silver is well-known for its antibacterial efficiency – can eliminate bacteria which are in sweat and are odour-producer. As soon as the socks dry, they do not smell. This process is not never-ending. After first several uses the odour is suppressed, later it can be uncovered. It is important to dry these products either. Odour intensity is incomparably lower.


Material nanosilver® do not need any special treatment. It is the same as normal functional clothes.

Maintenance of unisex cycling jersey nanosilver HEXA 

We recommend washing at 40 degrees.

Laundry bleaching
We do not recommend bleaching.

We do not recommend ironing.

Chemical treatment
Do not use chemical treatment.

We recommend drying under 60 °C.

Do not use fabric conditioner

We don´t recommend using the fabric conditioner to save the functionality of nanosilver® technology. The fabric conditioner creates the coat which makes a barrier between the skin and the material. To have the perfect efficiency of these clothes, it is important the molecules of silver to be in touch with the skin.

In case you treat these clothes with fabric conditioner, wash it again in water to recover the functionality.


Aggressive components of sweat, deodorants and sunscreen may possibly have negative reactions and damages to nanosilver clothing material.

E.g. Deodorants containing DEET may dissolve synthetic fibers, including PES.

Size chart

Size chart - Woman's cycling jersey

How to choose the correct size of cycling jersey?

  1. Measure your back length.
  2. Measure your chest circumference.
  3. Measure your waistline.
  4. Measure your hips circumference.
  5. According to this measure, find out the size in the chart.

Size chart - Woman's cycling jersey

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Adrian 22.06.2021

I have a light one. It's great for summer. everything I need on a bike fits in my back pockets. I tried to use it for running and the functionality is also good. It doesn´t need be washed after each use.

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