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Woman´s T-shirt Beauty with Coolmax

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Product description

  • Ideal to office, leisure time and sport too
  • very elegant, slimm effect
  • cools on warm days
  • prevents to growth bacteria – the source of odor
  • light material, quick drying, not require a frequent washing
  •  confortable fit

The nanosilver® t-shirt with antibacterial effects is ideal to warm or extremely hot days to daily wear, sport or travelling. The shirt has an elongated sleeves that reaches almost to the elbow and is suitable also for older and overweight women. Lady´s T-shirt Beauty is made in various color combinations, looks elegant  and visually slimming. The material is not too elastic so it does not highlight the body imperfections.

The t-shirt weight and its foldability make it ideal for easy packaging for travelling. And brings the comfort when worn. Thanks to its odour resistancy you can pack a less pieces of clothes which appreciates any traveller or holidaymaker.

The nanosilver® DAKAR collection with bacteria and odour protection in combination with Coolmax® fiber is ideal for autoregulation body temperature and quick drying proces. It is repeatedly tested in lab or in extreme outdoor conditions.

The fibers in DAKAR fabric are constructed to make the shirt to be highly breathable. So the feeling of cooling effect could be reached even during very hot days.


  • 52% polyester (Coolmax®)
  • 48% polyester (antibacterial fiber nanosilver®)

Fiber COOLMAX® - cooling
Profiled fibres drain moisture and sweat away on larger surface of material from where it evaporates faster. The fabric dries faster and allows better thermal autoregulation of temperature which positively supports the pulse and improve physical exercise.

nanosilver® - antibacterial
Silver molecules are fixed into polyester fiber. Silver is well-known for its antibacterial efficiency – can eliminate bacteria which are in sweat and are odour-producer. The fabric does not stink when dries. But this process is not never-ending. After first several uses the odour could be suppressed. It is important to wash these products too. But the odour intensity is incomparably lower.


Material nanosilver® do not need any special treatment. It is the same as normal functional clothes.

Maintenance of woman´s T-shirt nanosilver coolmax DAKAR 

We recommend washing at 40 degrees.

Laundry bleaching
We do not recommend bleaching.

We do not recommend ironing.

Chemical treatment
Do not use chemical treatment.

We recommend drying under 60 °C.

Do not use fabric conditioner

We don´t recommend using the fabric conditioner to save the functionality of nanosilver® technology. The fabric conditioner creates the coat which makes a barrier between the skin and the material. To have the perfect efficiency of these clothes, it is important the molecules of silver to be in touch with the skin.

In case you treat these clothes with fabric conditioner, wash it again in water to recover the functionality.


Aggressive components of sweat, deodorants and sunscreen may possibly have negative reactions and damages to nanosilver clothing material.

E.g. Deodorants containing DEET may dissolve synthetic fibers, including PES.

Additional informations:

We warn our customers of possible negative reactions or materiál demage to nanosilver clothing on the aggressive components of sweat, deodorants with DEET component and sun or any other creams, before and after sunbathing, potential mechanical demage by Velcro and other sharp objects

Size chart

Size chart - woman´s T-shirts

How to choose correct size of woman´s T-shirt?

  1. Measure your chest perimeter in the armpit.
  2. According to this measure, find out your size in the chart.

Size chart - woman´s T-shirts

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