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Women's long leggings - colour black

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Product description

  • long leggings comfortable cut
  • antibacterial, fungal infections,
  • prevention of mold and light material and a very good place to full-length dress, but also in sport and all activities where you want to be guaranteed a perfect comfort in wear

Nanosilver® Classic antibacterial ladies leggings are suitable for everyday wear.

They are perfectly combinable with other pieces of your wardrobe as alternative to tights. The perfect comfort during all day wear is guaranteed.

Nanosilver® silver molecules prevent bacteria from forming and thereby eliminate odor after drying. It prevents skin problems and mycoses.

Our nano leggings have the ability to absorb, they are breathable and flexible.


Material weight (leggings: approx. 160-180 g / m2, office paper: 80 g / m2)

The collection of comfortable nanosilver® Classic clothing with antibacterial silver against bacteria and odor is repeatedly tested in various, everyday and extreme conditions.


Material stress tests

Cambodia, Asia: Motorbike trip to Cambodia, 2500 km in dust and temperature over 25-40 °C

Tanzania, Africa: Testied for everyday wear in high humidity of national parks

Ethiopia, Africa: Expedition Ethiopia 2010

Hungary: T-shirts for medical staff in the operating room

POLAR TV: Advertising items for clients and gifts for employees

Brno: Charity race Běh na Palec, a video interviews about nanosilver t-shirt with a participants


  • 60% cotton
  • 32% polyester (antibacterial fiber nanosilver®)
  • 8% elastane (Lycra®

Organic cotton – freshness, permeability and organic origin
It makes 50% of material composition of the product. It has good tensile strength and abrasion which increases about 20% in wet conditions. It is suitable for the products which are strained and must be washed very often. The products are pleasant to touch and can suck large amount of moisture, e.g. sweat.

Organic cotton is grown without the use of any synthetic agricultural chemicals such as pesticides or fertilizers. It is softer to touch because its fibres are intact with any chemical which are normally used during growing and processing of cotton. It smells clear because there is not used formaldehyde during processing. It is more sensitive to skin, it is suitable for allergic people. It doesn´t contain any chemicals and it is more permeable.

nanosilver® - antibacterial
Silver molecules are firmly kept in polyester. Silver is well-known for its antibacterial efficiency – can eliminate bacteria which are in sweat and are odour-producer. As soon as the socks dry, they do not smell. This process is not never-ending. After first several uses the odour is suppressed, later it can be uncovered. It is important to dry these products either. Odour intensity is incomparably lower.

Lycra® - elasticity and amenability 
It improves material elasticity. Extensibility of these fibres can be eightfold of length.


Material nanosilver® do not need any special treatment. It is the same as normal functional clothes.

Maintenance of panties nanosilver CLASSIC 

We recommend washing at 40 degrees.

Laundry bleaching
We do not recommend bleaching.

We do not recommend ironing.

Chemical treatment
Do not use chemical treatment.

We recommend drying under 60 °C.

Do not use fabric conditioner

We don´t recommend using the fabric conditioner to save the functionality of nanosilver® technology. The fabric conditioner creates the coat which makes a barrier between the skin and the material. To have the perfect efficiency of these clothes, it is important the molecules of silver to be in touch with the skin.

In case you treat these clothes with fabric conditioner, wash it again in water to recover the functionality.


Aggressive components of sweat, deodorants and sunscreen may possibly have negative reactions and damages to nanosilver clothing material.

E.g. Deodorants containing DEET may dissolve synthetic fibers, including PES.

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