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Multiple colors

Man´s T-shirt TRAVEL Classic

  • Ideal for traveling, replaces a dictionary
  • Thanks to the pitograms you can communicate all over the world
  • Antibacterial, eliminates odour
  • Can be used as an eczema prevention
  • Don´t have to be washed very often
  • Perfect for traveling and sport
  • COLOUR - white, black, grey, green

Because of the huge interest may be some color or size temporarily unavailable.

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Product code: P2552
Warranty: 24 months
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Man´s T-shirt TRAVEL Classic
Man´s T-shirt…
32.0 €

Product description

Our hot news is „speaking T-shirt“!

Are you going to the country where you have to speak just in English? Doesn´t matter, „our TRAVEL T-shirthelps you to communicate in each situation, e.g. whether you need to go to the toilet, to find an internet access or just to invite your friends for beer. The pictograms are always on for you!

This T-shirt is made of the antibacterial material with silver which eliminates sweat odour. You can wear it for several days if it´s necessary.

What makes nanosilver T-shirts stand out?

  • Nanosilver T-shirts prevent mycoses, eczemas and help in their treatment
  • Conduct sweat very well, kill bacteria and moulds
  • Absorb moisture, are breathable, light and flexible
  • Speed up healing of small cuts and wounds, prevent chafing
  • Wash them as normal underwear or t-shirts( recommended 30-40°C)
  • Keep their antibacterial properties for their lifetime.

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T-shirts Men´s Short sleeve With printing

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Customer reviews

  • L
    Lionell M. 100% 16. 08. 2021
    Nice idea, the print is cool. The shirt is comfortable and flexible
  • P
    Peter 02. 06. 2021
    Great t-shirt made of pleasant material, I always take it with me on trips abroad. I can talk with the pictograms on the T-shirt everywhere: -)
  • V
    Vasek 15. 05. 2019
    These T-shirts are the best basic layer, i.e. in spring or autumn when I do a lot of sports outside. I like the possibility to wear those one-colored T-shirts for sports as well as a casual wear with some more iconic accessories.
    + simple first layer T-shirt
    + possibility to wear for both - sport and fashion
    + flexible enough to fit any body
    - it feels like I sweat a little bit more than ususal due to the body fitting but it doesn’t smell
  • P
    Pavel Klein 10. 05. 2019
    Thumb up for all your T-shirts. I wear those classic T-shirts everyday during the summer and also now - when it’s cold - as undershirt. I gor your thermal wear for Christmas from my wife. It’s extraordinary.
    In the cold weather here in the mountains, it’s priceless.
    A perfect piece of clothing - THANK YOU.

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