We are a Czech brand of functional clothing with silver, using nanotechnology for your comfort and health protection

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Why Nanosilver

Magical Socks Nanosilver with Silver Nanoparticles

Nanosilver Socks contain about 55% cotton, 30% of antibacterial yarn Nanosilver, and rughly 15% elastane. Silver nanoparticles are embedded in the full volume of the yarn and remail active for the lifetime of the sock. The synthetic yarn wicks sweat away from the skin into the cotton component which increases comfort of wearing  if at use with appropriate membrane footwear, also out of  the shoe which keeps your feet drier.

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Certificates, Approvals, Tests and Analyses

Would you like to find out what certificates and approvals we received? Or what kinds of tests our products went through? There is a number of original documents from various institutions.

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