Socks, underwear and baselayer gatments with silver nanoparticles

Select from a range of t-shirts, socks or thermal underwear nanosilver®. nanosilver® products use modern technologies with antibacterial nanoparticles of silver which provide unique functions

Whether you do sports, travel a lot, or a manager keeping your foot locked in a leather shoe all day long, if you sweat and want to feel fresh and confident nanosilver garments will ensure that. Choose socks that keep your feet drier and eliminate odour, sports or traditional designs, quality underwear and baselayer garments.

nanosilver® products help eliminate unpleasant odour which often results from excessive sweating, as well as help treating skin infections. nanosilver® garments offer unparalelled performance, stay antibacterial for their lifetime, conduct sweat in the summer, keep you warmer in the winter. nanosilver® socks, t-shirts, underwear and baselayers are very comfortable and breathable.


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