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What makes majority of our customers come back?

What makes majority of our customers come back?

admin hlavní 28. 03. 2024 Blog

We are one of the oldest nanotechnology companies on the Czech market and a founding member of the Association of Nanotechnology in the Czech Republic.

Our brand Nanosilver offering functional products with silver was established in 2004.

We guarantee the quality of the products offered and that you will always find the true information on our website.

czech made nanosilver

If you already have our products, you can read "Proudly made in the Czech Republic". Yes, we are patriots and we appreciate the tradition and the skill of Czech hands and the smartness of Czech minds. Nanotechnology is a proof of this.

Since its inception, we have been trying to keep our production in the Czech Republic, despite higher production costs. We know that everything could be made much cheaper in Asia, but we really do not want you to wear clothes made baby hands.

Health nanosilver

You can be sure that we have our products tested properly in laboratories as well as in terrain. For health, tests of safety are important, so we do not underestimate anything. Throughout the development and production, we continue to cooperate with certified partners, from which we can also provide the necessary certificates. If you have heard the scary stories about silver, be calm: amount of silver molecules used for antibacterial effects is just enough to prevent any harm.

thermal nanosilver

Thermal comfort is very important, as anyone who had the opportunity to sweat on hot days or freeze in the mountains may know. Fortunately, we have materials that can keep you both warm or cool thanks to the fibers used, their composition and also the arrangement in the structure of the fabric. In addition, they have all silver molecules, so you not only talk in thermal comfort, but also do not cause the problem of your surroundings if your sweat simply does not smell.

rychlé schnutí nanosilver

Wearing wet linen or waiting for it to dry can be suffering. The composition of our materials ensures that you do not even have to encounter this issue. Clothing, whether wet from sweating or washing, dries very quickly and even better if it has the opportunity to expose to at least a light breeze.

Whether you get out of the car after a strenuous journey through a hot summer or turn your shirt in the creek in the evening, you can be sure it will soon be dry. Dakar and Himalay aree the fastest of our materials, then Classic - it contains cotton and it is known that it has a large degree of water absorption and does not like moisture. However, if you compare the time of drying the cotton shirt and ours - we are a clear winner.

comfort nanosilver

People have been wearing our brand since 2004, so thanks to that, we know what you like, what you wear well and what you need to improve. We always try to respond to your suggestions and ideas and have already met many of those who need to adjust or make something custom.

We do not change the proven cuts, but we will start time to make new types to offer you range of products to choose from. Do not hesitate to give us feedback, because it is very important to us and even more for you and your satisfaction, dear customers.

nízká gramáž nanosilver

We know that our products have been popular among travelers and outdoor enthusiasts and that they will appreciate their backpack being as light as possible. Our materials are pleasant not only because they can be worn without washing for a long time and stay without smell, but also with their low weight.

Among the lightest materials are Himalay, which is year -round, but especially in winter, due to its ability to thermoregulate, Himalay keeps the you in a pleasant warmth. It is lightweight and simply packable into a small volume.


We are Czech innovative company aimed at finding and introducing materials, products and technologies that are designed and manufactured using nanotechnology. Thanks to high -quality scientific and technical background and close cooperation with research workplaces in the Czech Republic, Poland, Austria, Germany, USA, Great Britain and Indonesia, we carry out activities not only in practical testing, but also in our own applied samples, new materials, technologies and application procedures on all levels. Part of these activities is the processing of prescribed certification at the relevant certification workplaces.

Other activities of the company in the field of nanotechnology include new materials, marketing and analysies, defining and preparation of projects, application implementation, defining production programs, consultation and advice. The company also organizes professional seminars focused on technology exchange.

Nanotrade s.r.o. It is the exclusive owner of the Nanosilver trademark.

We are active in a number of research and development projects in the Czech Republic and the EU.

We are a member of the ČSNMT, AVDZP and a founding member of the Czech nanotechnological cluster.