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Attention. Important call.

Attention. Important call.

Please, help us to find a person who illegally released confidential information from our secret development.

We kindly ask you for help with finding the perpetrator, who intruded into our company, made and released illegal record in the evening of April, 1st. 2019 during the testing and preparation of marketing materials to our newest product. For now, we can not inform about the details from the technology of which development we were dealing with for last 5 years, because of the patent proceedings. The technology has the world uniqueness, because no one ever before commercially offered a material, which could visually change according to the signals broadcasted from the mobile phone or tablet.

The publishing of mentioned video damages our commercial activities in the order of hundreds million Czech crowns, because already concluded contracts for deliveries and licenses are conditioned by gaining patents for the new nanotransilver technology.

We offer a reward for direct information leading to find the author of this movie during 72 hours.

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