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Battery girl is going to climb Noshaq (7492 m)

Battery girl is going to climb Noshaq (7492 m)

admin hlavní 19. 07. 2016 News


Our well-known customer Markéta Hanáková is going to climb up the second highest mountain of Hindukuš and the highest mountain of Afghanistan Noshaq 7492 metres above sea level – this is her 2016-year dream.

We are really happy we can support her and her sparing-partner Zdeněk Hodinář and our functional clothes will help her to protect her body and keep her comfort. They use our thermal underwear and winter socks. They appreciate our products because of their thermoregulation and fast sweat-draining. 

A few years ago Petra Poganová (a mountain climber and a „skialpinist“) had an idea of climbilng up the biggest mountain of Afghanistan. Markéta was worried but this year she finally decided to humble this mountain. So in this summer we will keep her in our mind and believe she will be on the top.  

Many people are not interested in this mountain, only few expeditions tried to surmount its top. There are no commercial expeditions. Their group is going to be on the top on its own.

It is situated in Wakhan corridor in northeastern Afhanistan. It is very narrow area (220kms long) among Pakistan, China and Tadjikistan. As the aborigines say „Roof of the world“ (Bam-e Dunya).

This corridor is the place where is keeping a truce and women are not inferior.  

Markéta as the first person with a pacemaker climb up without artificial oxygen to 7219 metres heigh above sea level in year 2013. In this year she is going to attack the world record and humble Noshaq.

She is going to film and document her journey so we are looking forward to see that all.

Her aim is to show everybody that health disability definitely not means you cannot do anything. It is absolutely not the end of your dreams and plans. You can do what you want if you believe in it. She has supported many people in their activities. She is an awesome person.

Good luck, Markéta :) !!!