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Multifunctional headband - scarf

Multifunctional headband - scarf

Andrea Vodáková 10. 06. 2014 News

  • 2 pieces in a package, 2 types
  • suitable for WOMEN and MEN
  • absorbs sweat well
  • protects from UV rays

-   2 Pieces in a package 2 types 

-   Every package contains one piece of neck/head bandana and one piece of thinner hair bandana. Package available in BLACK or WHITE

-   Absorbs sweat weal, soft, flexible and breathable
-   Wear it anytime, at work, free time, while exercising
-   The Nanosilver effect lasts for the lifetime of the bandana

Nanosilver head/neck Bandana is a must have during a hot summer, although it will keep you warmer in windy days too. It is weaved from cotton with elastane and a part of Nanosilver polyester yarn.

Composition of the bandana/neck hose

  • 60% cotton
  • 32% polyester nanosilver 
  • 8% elastane