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Why are the mycosis an ancient enemy of woman?

Why are the mycosis an ancient enemy of woman?

A lot of woman experienced the unpleasant feeling of vaginal mycosis. Some suffer all year long, some only rarely.

Woman suffer often despite knowledge of the contributors. How is it possible? Some suffer all year long, some only rarely. Unfortunately, summer is a „great time“ for mycosis. Wet bathing suit, altering swimming- water low quality, hot weather, sweat…

Woman suffer often despite knowledge of the contributors. How is it possible?

Most of the experts can agree that wearing not suitable underwear, wet bathing suits and tight pants are all contributors to mycosis through water condensation in intimal areas. Also, a poor or too frequent hygiene is one of the factors besides perfumed soaps, pads or tampons…

Frequently the trigger can also be a stress, pregnancy, hormonal anticonception, antibiotics, diabetes or poor eating habits.

What can a woman do to make sure she avoids the mycosis?

  • skip a swimming pool
  • no G-strings
  • no tight pants
  • use only fine soaps to wash themselves
  • carefully choose pads and tampons
  • skip pregnancy
  • avoid hormonal anticonception
  • eat healthy
  • don’t be diabetic
  • don’t get stressed

If there is, a single woman strictly following all mentioned above, you have our deep admiration. It is hard to avoid all on the list, for all the other woman and girls, we know. At least the stress catches up on almost all of us sometimes.

We are designing our products to function, therefore we have taken what we know the best (clothing development and production) and created an underpants for woman with silver molecules. It is the silver that helps to prevent from mycosis. How?

The silver have an antibacterial function (interacts with bacteria’s breathing cells, therefore bacteria dies) – therefore the sources of bad smell, mycosis, yeasts are terminated.


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