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10 + 1 reasons for nanosilver

Eva Torčíková 24. 03. 2024 Why Nanosilver

10 + 1 reasons to try nanosilver - our clothing with active silver.

There are surely more reasons, but these 10+1 stands out for us :-)

1. Premium Czech nanosilver Products

We sell high-quality functional apparel and textile products that we manufacture ourselves. Our range includes products (socks, t-shirts, underwear, and thermal wear) made in the Czech Republic. Many e-commerce stores purchase goods abroad, which then cannot be claimed under warranty in the Czech Republic. That will not happen with us. All goods we sell are sourced from our Czech distribution, therefore, in case of any problems, claims can be handled directly with us, the manufacturer. This is why we deal with only a minimum number of claims. In the event of a claim, we proceed precisely according to the law and strive to resolve it as quickly as possible. With us, you don't have to worry that your claim won't be addressed. Legitimate claims are processed immediately.

2. Goods in Stock

The items marked as in stock are indeed available in our warehouse, and if you order this merchandise, it will be dispatched no later than the next working day. We aim to keep our best-selling products in sufficient stock at all times.

3. Fast Delivery

We take pride that our customers receive their goods within a maximum of 3 working days in the Czech Republic and soon after all over the world. Since the offered goods are in stock in most cases, we are able to process orders received by 10 a.m. on the same day. Most orders are delivered to customers by the next day.

4. We Are Highly Specialized

You will not find thousands of products in our textile range. We specialize in antibacterial clothing = silver-infused clothing, which is significant when it comes to the so-called first layer that goes directly on the body. If you can't find what you're looking for in our selection, we are happy to help you choose. We test as many products as possible on our own skin to better understand our assortment, but we also evaluate everything in both laboratory and extreme conditions. Proof of our quality is our partnerships with a number of interesting expeditions that can test our products in exceptional conditions and confirm their performance features.

5. Offers for Large Customers

Our clients include pharmacies, fitness centers, sports clubs, universities, advertising agencies, sports teams, and professional athletes. We have special prices and conditions prepared for large customers. Do not hesitate to contact us. We will prepare a special offer for you and help you select the right products.

6. Customer-Focused Service

We build trust with our customers through excellent communication. We responsibly answer all customer inquiries, always trying to provide individual advice and find solutions. We are also receptive to custom production requests.

7. Payment Methods

In addition to the popular cash-on-delivery, we offer the option of prepayment to our accounts in multiple currencies, payments via the PayPal system, and card payments.

8. Free Shipping

We offer free shipping for purchases over €75. You can choose from a selection of carriers and choose the one with which you have good experience in your area.

9. Carefully Packaged Goods

We do not skimp on packaging for transportation, packing the goods thoroughly to prevent damage during transit. Over time, we strive to transition to eco-friendly packaging.

10. Security of Personal Data

Your personal data is stored on secure servers and is used exclusively for the purpose of issuing necessary documents and transporting goods to you. The data is not provided to any other persons or companies.


We genuinely care about our customers and their opinions. We are delighted with praise (who wouldn't be :-) and we also value suggestions for improvement. We won't claim that we never make mistakes, but if a complaint does arise, we resolve it quickly and with an apology.