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Woman´s fitness tank top nanosilver SilverCool

  • antibacterial due to the nanoparticles of silver
  • drains sweat and eliminates odour
  • prevents mycoses and eczemas
  • black, kerosene, pink, purple

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Product code: P6121
Warranty: 24 months
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Woman´s fitness tank top nanosilver SilverCool
Woman´s fitness…
34.0 €

Product description

Woman´s fitness tank top from our nanosilver® Active Collection is suitable for sports and all physical activities. It has a modern design and a cut that encircles the body silhouette. Thanks to the pleasant and flexible material, it creates the so-called second skin that wick a sweat away from the skin.

Active materials are very pleasant and comfortable to wear and do sport.
It does not smell, even when you sweat. This pleasant material will be like your second skin.

Silver molecules prevent the formation of bacteria and thus eliminate the odor after drying. It prevents skin problems and mycoses.

Our nano tiness tank top have the ability to absorb moisture, they are breathable and flexible.

The Active nanosilver collection containing silver against bacteria and odors is repeatedly tested in various daily and extreme conditions.

What makes nanosilver Ladies' top stand out?

  • Nanosilver T-shirts prevent mycoses, eczemas and help in their treatment
  • Drain sweat very well, kill bacteria and moulds
  • Absorb moisture, are breathable, light and flexible
  • Speed up healing of small cuts and wounds, prevent chafing
  • Wash them as normal underwear or t-shirts( recommended 30-40°C)
  • Keep their antibacterial properties for their lifetime.

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