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Motoexpedition NORDKAPP 2011

admin hlavní 16. 08. 2011 Testing nano products

Time frame: 1-16/7 2011
Tested by: Dušan Valach

Tested items

  • 1x Boxers DAKAR
  • 1xThermal underwear Himalayas- blue
  • 1xThermal long johns Himalayas-blue
  • 1x long sleeved t-shirt nanosilver-black
  • 2x Sports socks-black
  • 1X Traditional socks black
  • 1x Clean+Suprapearl for windshield [not available outside CZ]

Time frame: 1-16/7 2011
Tested by: Dušan Valach
Tested items: 

Evaluation of the test:

The test of Nanosilver products was carried out as a part of motorbike expedition Nordkapp 2011 from the 1st- 16th of July 2011. It consists of crossing CZ and Germany and Denmark(2days), getting a ferry to Norway, the past the Polar circle(11 days) and return through Sweden, Denmark and Germany back to the Czech Republic. Altogether over 8200 km.

Weather and climatic conditions - the first two days involved a quick passage through CZ and Germany and Denmark, started sunny, got cloudy during the day and ended up with occasional drizzle. Second day- almost continuous rain, temperature around 20 oC.

Traversing Norway:

Norway was filled with changing of warm and humid weather and light rain. Temperatures 12-18  oC. Nights were quite warm, 14-16 oC. Whilst going through the passes near the polar circle and the highlands, glaciers were a common sight. Temperatures went down to 5oC. Return through Sweden, Denmark and Germany was rapid thanks to frequent motorways . Whilst travelling through Sweden we were struck by a strong rain with hailstones, according to the locals, exceptionally strong. The unbeaten membranes in the groin area succumbed to the rainfall. Other areas withstood. After stopping only a sensation of wetness and coldness persited, thankfully after checking all remaining parts of my suit, remained only a sensation since everywhere else was dry. The remainder of my journey was sunny and warm.

Testing Nanosilver Products:

The HIMALAYAS collection was selected for sleeping, which turned out as a great idea. During my sleep overs under a roof maintained the body temperature and I recorded no elevated sweating, despite often suffering from it. Sleeping in a tent five times and onece outdoors again confirmed the great sweat conducting properties of the garment. After sleeping, a short airing of the products was sufficient before packing up. I didn't have to wash them at all for the whole journey, they didn't have a strong odour or smelled of sweat.

Other great items were the DAKAR boxers and top. I wore them in the evening for physically demanding treks and on sunny days, when I got bloody sweaty, no sensation of coldness occured. The following day, boxers and top were ready for use without any smell and need to be washed. It's unbelievable but true!
I would also like to say a few favorable words about the socks- sports and traditional. They are very warming and keep feet dry. During persistent rains, some moisture leaked trhough the boots, but socks maintained comfort. After washing, they need a while to dry out in a warm and dry area therefore it's quite handy having a few pairs on you to rotate.

The long sleeved t-shirt was used as the main garment whilst travelling under my textile motorbike jacket with a membrane and windstopper. The t-shirt was suitable for temperatures around 14-18oC. On colder days or during rain it was not able to keep the warmth and when combined with a baselayer DEVOLD, some excessive perspiration occured and in the evening the t-shirt smelled of sweat. After washing, the t-shirt required a thorough drying before wearing. The situation repeated again, after which I resorted to the sole use of DEVOLD t-shit which better responds to changes of temperature. Despite that, I evaluate the t-shirt as good.

The final tested item was the cleaner Clean+Suprapearl for glass. Clean works perfectly, Suprapearl worked during rainy weather, and after treatment and polishing works fine, although after 2 hours of driving in the rain, the effect gets weaker. I don't think that this time is sufficient, I expected a little longer lasting. The etiquette also tended to leap off the bottles after soaking which could lead to their confusion- I would recommend a different colour or shape of the bottles.

In conclusion I would like to thank the director and manufacturing manager of the company NanoTrade Ltd. based in Olomouc for providing the items for testing. Speaking from my personal experience I can recommend the products and confirm the proclaimed effects and that they are comparable to many products of famous designer brands.

The happier I was knowing that I wear a Czech Republic produce and I believe that they are at very affordable prices.

Dušan Valach
Mikulov, 30/7/2011