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Thermal boxer briefs nanosilver

  • thermal boxer briefs for men
  • very comfortable and functional
  • flexible anatomical shape
  • drains sweat, dry fast

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36.9 € 30.5 € without VAT
Product code: 50292-3
Warranty: 24 months

Product description

Enjoy the comfort of luxury thermal boxer briefs exploiting nanotechnologies. 

Due to unique material texture, the boxer briefs maintain their shape and remain flexible. 

Quality manufacturing and soft material ensure maximum satisfaction while you wear them.

Properties of antibacterial boxer briefs

  • prevent emergence of bacterial or fungal  skin infections and help removing them
  • drains sweat away, kill bacteria and eliminate odour
  • absorb, breathe are flexible and keep you warm and comfortable
  • speed up healing of small cuts or wounds, prevent chafes
  • non-toxic, do not cause allergic reactions
  • the anatomical design allows for long time wearing at uncompromised comfort
  • treat them as normal therma underwear-symbols on the tab

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