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Trekking socks with molecules of silver

  • suitable for trekking and hiking shoes
  • cushioning your feet to make your hike more enjoyable
  • effectively drains sweat to help prevent blisters
  • silver kills bacteria

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Trekking socks with molecules of silver
Trekking socks with…
12.9 €

Product description

Great socks for all travellers who like to go hiking or walk in the countryside


Soft socks with a soft and comfortable hem

Protection from bruises in trekking shoes

Also, suitable either as working socks or socks for everyday wear in demanding conditions.

Properties of trekking socks

  • Silver has wide spectrum of antimicrobial effects
  • Silver destroys bacteria and eliminates foot odour even after all-day wear
  • Silver is used to prevent mould, fungal infections and eczema and helps to remove them
  • Socks are breathable, flexible and provide pleasant feeling

 Organic cotton is not altered by chemical products, the fibres are not damaged and thus more resistant to mechanical stress during wear and washing. The shape and reinforced foot allows long-term wearing comfort.

They are necessary for anyone whose feet produce more than a little sweat. These socks are ideal for everyday wear and for wearing in demanding conditions.

Who are the trekking nanosilver® socks for?

  • basis for all sportsmen and people who love walking in the countryside
  • great solution for people who have to wear work boots every day, for construction site, factory or forestry workers, the mechanics, the warehousemen and other blue-collar workers.
  • salvation for fishermen or farmers

If you are trying to solve a problem of how to remove the excessive sweating of your feet, you will appreciate nanosilver® socks with their high quality and highly functional features in every case. For a week of trekking hike, you'll need a maximum of two pairs of these socks. Equally, you can appreciate their properties on the train, bus or plane where you can comfortably take your shoes off without worrying about any odours coming from your feet.

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Socks with silver Sports Hiking/Mountaineering

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Customer reviews

  • M
    Mathew 100% 07. 04. 2021
    Perfect for walks in nature but also in the city. I got them as a gift, but want to order some more and try another models
  • K
    Karl B. 16. 05. 2017

    Trekking socks are absolutly the best. I´ve never had better. I´ll buy another

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