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Ankle thin socks with molecules of silver

  • thin antibacterial socks for cycling and for sports shoes
  • ergonomically shaped without slipping
  • light and breathable
  • prevents unpleasant odour

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Product code: P2664
Warranty: 24 months
Description and parameters
Ankle thin socks with molecules of silver
Ankle thin socks…
9.9 €

Product description

Great socks for the summer for free time and sports.

Sports sock, short up to the ankles. Very light and unusually designed to prevent rolling in the shoes and slipping off. Ideal into trainers for running, tennis or any favourite sport.

Properties of nanosilver® socks

  • due to the nanosilver® component they are antibacterial against a wide spectrum of pathogens
  • prevent emergence of mycoses and eczemas and help in their treatment
  • speed up healing of small cuts and wounds
  • non-toxic, do not cause allergic reactions

They are an essential item of sports clothing for anyone whose feet sweat a lot. These socks are great for daily use but reach their full potential during demanding exercise in harsh conditions.

Who are the socks suitable for?

  • essential for all cyclists, runners, tennis players, hikers and anyone else wearing trainers

Tame your feet odour, nanosilver® socks are the right solution for you due to their novel approach and quality manufacturing. For a week of trekking hike, you'll need a maximum of two pairs of these socks. Equally, you can appreciate their properties on the train, bus or plane where you can comfortably take your shoes off without worrying about any odours coming from your feet.

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