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Formal socks with molecules of silver NEW

  • Anti-bacterial & Odor-eliminating

  • Breathable material ensures all-day freshness

  • Improved blood flow prevents cold feet

  • 24-month guarantee

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9.9 € 8.2 € without VAT
Product code: P6071
Warranty: 24 months
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Formal socks with molecules of silver NEW
Formal socks with…
9.9 €

Product description

Traditional socks for daily casual or formal use. The sock cuff is wider than normal which ensures good grip without restricting circulation or causing discomfort.

The unique properties of nanosilver socks

  • restrict growth of a wide spectrum of bacteria
  • absorb sweat, kill bacteria and eliminate feet odour even after a whole day of wearing
  • prevent mycoses and eczemas and help in their treatment
  • are non-toxic and do not cause allergic reactions
  • speed up the process of healing of small wounds and cuts
  • improve blood circulation in legs and prevent cold feet
  • are breathable, flexible and anatomically designed
  • thickened sole ensured durability and comfort
A necessary part of any attire, casual or formal, especially for managers or office workers who keep their feet in closed shoes for a whole day, people whose feet sweat a lot or are prone to infections or suffer from bad circulation.

Who are nanosilver socks suitable for?

  • an intrinsic part of a dress
  • perfect solution for people wearing closed footwear for a whole day, builders, any manual workers wearing heavy protective boots
  • suitable as a part of uniform for soldiers, policemen and other proffessionals
  • a relief to all fishermen and farmers who wear wellingtons frequently
  • a great treat to office workers and managers.
  • Just great for anyone whose feet sweat and produce unpleasant odour. Nanosilver socks and their great properties and good quality have been appreciated by many customers and you will enjoy them equally as well. For a weeks hiking tour you will not need more than two pairs of socks, or when you travel on the train or plane  you will be able to take your shoes off with confidence that they will be odourless.

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Doporučené Socks with silver Formal Work Golf Administration/Management Healthcare

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