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How to be preferably dressed on a business trip

How to be preferably dressed on a business trip

Andrea Vodáková 20. 03. 2023 Blog

How to be preferably dressed on a business trip
A business trip is a part of working time for many of us.
We want to feel comfortable during long traveling and business too.
The weight and kind of textil material is also essential.
We don´t want to pack a lot of luggage and don´t have much time to ironing and frequent washing.
The choice of clothing is very important in this case.
Functional clothing nanosilver meets all these requirements. It is flexible, comfortable, prevents odour, quickly dry and without ironing. Simply clever!
Feet without unpleasant odour
Do you know that quarter of a million sweat-glands are on the feet and produce about quarter of a liter of sweat per day?
Socks nanosilver prevents formation from unpleasant odour – you can take off your shoes without bother anyone.
Even several days´ wearing of these socks and clothes is socially acceptable.
Perfect comfort of intimate parts
If you go on a business trip by car you will appreciate clothing which was developed with a fact that the drivers are most sweating on back and on backside. The nanosilver material was tested by rider Aleš Loprais in extreme conditons of Dakar rally. This material was named after it.
Prime quality underwear is essential to feel comfortable during travelling and also business meetings.
Functional T-shirts not only for sport
Nanosilver offers functional T-shirts and elegant polo shirts from quality lightweight cooling material which is suitable to hot weather. This material excellent drains sweat away from the skin, prevents formation from unpleasant odour, dries quickly and it is wrinkle-free without ironing. Nanosilver is brand of thermal and neutral T-shirts.
Magic tie
There is a tie like an essential fashion accessory on a business trip.
Our Magic Tie is treated with revolutionary technology which guarantees its longtime functional protection against wide spectrum of impurity. The magic of this tie lies in the highly resistance against impurity so the social faux pas due to drinking and eating is absolutely impossible. Liquid and other dirts simply run down and you can remain still immaculately clean.
With magic tie you can enjoy drinking and eating without stress and even with entertainment now.
We offer new-fashioned models of ties, in narrow and wide design.
Antibacterial napkins
Antibacterial napkins nanosilver are necessary for hygiene and freshness during traveling.
All products nanosilver are made in Czech Republic by NanoTrade, Ltd, it is a purely Czech product. is an online shop of the Czech company NanoTrade Ltd., which has been engaged in applied research in the field of  nanotechnology since 2004.
Outcomes of the research are applied into production and sales of our own products. The use of these products in daily life is extensive.
The company offers functional clothing, nanoproducts and cosmetic products. The uniqueness of the brand lies in the application of silver molecules in material. Silver molecules are fixed into the Polyester fiber are not released during life and washing cycles. Silver makes excellent antibacterial properties and thus all these products are modern and very comfortable.