We are a Czech brand of functional clothing with silver, using nanotechnology for your comfort and health protection

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Enjoy Summer in Functional Clothes NANOSILVER

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Enjoy your summer in functional clothes.

The Czech brand nanosilver® is environmentally friendly.

So with pride we can join to the World Environment Day on 5th June.


Woman´s cycling jersey www.nanosilver.eu
Woman´s cycling jersey Gent´s polo shirt with collar


is the nanosilver® clothes friendly to nature?


The Silver molecules are fixed into the fiber. They are not released during life and washing cycles.

Nanosilver® guarantees stability of antibacterial property.


Woman´s cycling jersey EXPRESS


- has cooling effect due to unique composition

- effectively drains sweat from the skin

- dries extremely quickly

- eliminates unpleasant odour


Gents´ polo shirt DAKAR



- suitable for sport and daily use

- breathable and comfortable


- quick-drying material

- no need for ironing

Gent´s T-shirt nanosilver coolmax DAKAR Woman´s T-shirt nanosilver coolmax DAKAR
Gent´s boxer nanosilver coolmax DAKAR Ladies panties nanosilver coolmax DAKAR with stitching

Gents' boxer

Coolmax® DAKAR

Gents´ and Woman´s

T-shirt Coolmax® DAKAR

Ladies panties Coolmax®

DAKAR with stitching

Woman´s T-shirt with standing collar Gent´s T-shirt with imprinted Molecules Woman´s T-shirt with imprinted Butterflies

Woman´s T-shirt

with standing collar

Gents´ T-shirt

imprinted Molecules

Woman´s T-shirt

imprinted Butterflies



- fibre contains molecules of silver to eliminate smell even at high performance

- antibacterial properties for the lifetime of product

- high absorbable, breathable and flexible material

- long wearing comfort thanks to its shape and design

www.nanosilver.eu Woman´s T-shirt nanosilver coolmax DAKAR Gent´s T-shirt nanosilver coolmax DAKAR


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