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Europe travelling with „speaking“ T-shirt – 25 places during 10 days

Europe travelling with „speaking“ T-shirt – 25 places during 10 days

Alena Gurecká 04. 10. 2016 News

The Low-cost Race is race about affordable travelling around Europe. If you want to enjoy a perfect experience and you keep our conditions, it´s definitely for you. The competitors, from „Racemen category“, have an extra functional „speaking“ NANOSILVER T-shirt. This T-shirt has a special adding – a FUN T-shirt application which makes communication between racers and organisers easier.

10 teams in Racemen category are going to try the functional and clever NANOSILVER T-shirts during 10 days. They have to travel but they have to use the least or no money :). They don´t have much time to plan their journey because they know the trace 3 only days before the race. There will be 25 checkpoints and some extra ones, you can collect points on them. The winner is one team which has the most points. Furthermore we have our own special team of hopeful boys! We are going to fan our Los Žabkodlanos team

The functional Nanosilver clothes mark likes all activities like this which test invention of each participant and his clothes either. So we had to take a part in this race! One of the registered teams in Low-cost category is representing our mark and boys are going to inform us about race-going and about their functional nanosilver clothes satisfaction.    

Watch events on nanosilver face-book because you can read a lot of interesting adventure stories and information about race there.

We are absolutely not worry about any challenges. But that´s not enough for us! We were so excited of the race philosophy that we decided to add something really new. We made the T-shirt which is „speaking“! Speaking of the T-shirt is going to increase by connection of T-shirt icons supplemented with smartphone communication through special application. Another partner of FUN T-shirt project helped us too.         

The icons will speak to the racers every day and will inform them about challenges in given places of the race and about day challenges, ensure two-way communication with organisers. They can also send photos, videos, and have many other extensions through those. Pictograms on the T-shirt can help the racers to communicate at places where it´s nearly impossible and knowledge of language is not enough.

!!! Fan our Los Žabkodlanos team !!!