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Foot odour- common problem simple solution

Foot odour- common problem simple solution

admin hlavní 16. 08. 2011 Nodourious problem

After a long day at work, you can finally relieve your feet from the prison of a closed leather shoe. But then...Yuk....what an unpleasant smell, this may be something you know well from your own experience and very likely you know someone else whose feet tend to stink. The cause is simple-your skin hosts millions of bacteria, when your feet get sweaty-whilst sporting or by wearing closed shoes, these microbes start feasting on the nutritious liquid and decompose it into foul smelling chemicals. A common problem is now on retreat with the invent of modern socks NANOSILVER. 

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"Sweat is basically just salt and water, though, so it doesn't have a distinctive smell of its own. The smell is actually caused by bacteria on our skin that eats the sweat and excretes waste that has a strong odor"

My feet smell really bad! WHat can i do to make them smell better?

like when i wear flip-flops, at the end of the day they stink! well really with whatever shoe i wear, my feet will smell very bad. what can i do?

 My feet stink

Now, even when I'm not sweaty, my feet smell terrible. I'm not any sweatier than usual, just smellier, and only my feet smell different. The smell is very strong, and it smells terrible.


My Feet Smell

 After about one hour of wearing shoes and socks (plus I put on foot deodorizer) my feet get a really bad odor. What should I do to stop my odors?.

Avoiding Stinky Feet

Let’s face it foot odor can be offensive and embarrassing. Yet foot odor is very common. Even people who are otherwise well groomed, and sweet smelling, can develop a powerful foot odor merely by....