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Ski&moto balaclava Camouflage

  • unique composition with nanosilver® polyester
  • perfect for skiing
  • suitable for bikers and motocross riders
  • Camouflage

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15.9 € 13.1 € without VAT
Product code: P6016
Warranty: 24 months
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Ski&moto balaclava Camouflage
Ski&moto balaclava…
15.9 €

Product description

Ski balaclava

Suitable for men and women

- Antimicrobial silver molecules with cotton

- Silver kills bacteria and fungi

- Great for skiing, biking, under a helmet

Essential for all enthusiastic skiers, motorcyclists, bikers, winter bikers and for all those who enjoy outdoor activities even when it freezes.

Have this luxurious and comfortable balaclava at an affordable price using the latest high-tech technology.

Balaclava with an oval opening for eyes and an extending front part. Never again you will experience cold wind blowing on your neck and you will not have to breathe cold air.

Due to the composition of the material with cotton addition, the balaclava is comfortable for your face. Additionally, you will breathe through the antibacterial material.

Antibacterial balaclava properties

nanosilver® balaclava is made of polyester yarns that contain silver molecules which serve as a prevention against mould, fungal infections, eczema and help to remove them.

nanosilver® balaclava drains sweat away very well. It is breathable, flexible and provides comfort during the wear.

nanosilver® products do not cause allergic reactions. Its shape and design provides long-term wearing comfort treated just like any other underwear silver molecules are embedded in the structure of polyester fibre, antimicrobial property of material remains and provides lifetime service

Note: If you hesitate between two sizes of hoods, we always recommend choosing a larger size for comfortable wear.

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Thermal clothes Women´s Men´s Ski balaclava Army Motorsport Skiing

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