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The Forum Karlín in Prag visited fans of the latest technology, artificial intelligence and innovative products at Innovation Week event. And nanosilver brand was there too.
Prag city in the Czech Republic welcomed a World Forum Innovation Week for the third time. This main event promoted innovations in attracted form for many visitors from the general public, but of course imany experts and managers of major companies.

While Sophia was the main attraction, there were many other interesting novelties including a robotic skeleton for wheelchair users, computer vision technology for the blind, luminous plants on the basis of photosynthesis, virtual reality demonstrations, and cross-country skiing on the special SKI365.EU sliding nanocarpet from NanoTrade company.
Nanosilver brand demonstrated latest news from its textile production as a new design and construction of socks, functional underwear, work outfit or Magic tie there. 
common booth ayming and nanosilver
common booth ayming and nanotrade (nanosilver)
earlier and novel technology of flanel shirt
earlier and novel technology for flanel shirt
innovation technology for sport by nanosilver
innovation technology for sport by nanosilver

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